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Previous kitchens and accessories

Kitchen in use
Slide out camp kitchen
1500mm slide out kitchen
Outdoor kitchen in Sunseeker van
Prep areas on kitchen
kitchen with optional fold down legs
Our kitchens in use
Optional windbreak
Full false floor with custom drawers and Bushtucker camp kitchen
Compact Bushtucker kitchen in false floor with drawer
Custom Bushtucker kitchen to suit Bushtracker caravan boot
Huge storage drawer for Bushtracker caravan boot
Slide out table for Bushtracker caravan boot
Optional Carpeted kitchen shell
Bushtucker camp kitchen inside custom canopy for Chevy Silverado
Bushtucker kitchen beneath custom drawer system in Aluminium canopy for Land Rover Defender
Custom kitchen and drawer system for Bushtracker caravan
Camp kitchen in aluminium canopy next to Clearview EzySlide
1500mm kitchen in a lift off canopy
1500mm kitchen beneath stacked drawers
1000mm L kitchen next to 900mm L kitchen
Tall compact kitchen to suit caravan boot
Deep 950mm L kitchen
Deluxe 900mm L kitchen with cutlery drawer on locking slides and flip over table
Custom pantry set up
Custom pantry open
Hinged lid on cutlery drawer on locking slides
Deluxe drawer - non carpeted
Custom kitchen set up
Custom kitchen set up
Custom kitchen with small drawer
Deluxe drawer - closed
1500mm L kitchen
Kitchen closed in casing
Deep kitchen for caravan boot
1200mm L kitchen with cutlery drawer
1500mm L kitchen with casing folded out for easy mounting
1500mm L kitchen with fold over table
Fold over gusseted table
Closed kitchen with fold over table
1500mm L kitchen with two cutlery drawers
Deluxe kitchen
1500mm L kitchen with front extended table on locking slides for BBQ Webber
Deluxe kitchen with fold over table for caravan
Deluxe kitchen with fold over table
Carpeted kitchen exterior
1000mm L kitchen with Thetford combination unit
900mm kitchen with cutlery drawer with lid
Carpeted drawer keyed alike to customer's canopy
Carpeted drawer closed
Compact model with optional Thetford stove/sink combo
Bushtucker kitchen side drawer
Bushtucker kitchen fitted to a JB van
Bushtucker 1200 L model
Bushtucker 1500 L model with front and side drawers
Custom bushtucker kitchen drawer setup
Plenty of storage and bench space
Bushtucker slide out table
Bushtucker kitchen in a Patriot supertourer
Different front drawer configurations
Bushtucker custom kitchens
Flat sheet exterior
Bushtucker caravan model with deep storage drawer
Custom kitchen
Custom model with no exterior shell
Bushtucker kitchen i a Bushtracker van
Custom model with pop in sink
Ready to cook!
Bushtucker kitchen fitted to a campervan
Dinners on!
Cooking up a storm!
All set up
Custom kitchen
Bushtucker kitchen with optional slide out front table to suit Webber BBQ
Custom drawers and Bushtucker kitchen in a 79 series Landcruiser
custom Bushtucker kitchen with Webber BBQ
Lots of cooking options with Bushtucker kitchens!
Custom kitchen
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